Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thankful November: Day 2

I'm thankful for...Shelby!
Another cousin. Another birthday! Today is her sweet sixteen! This only means one thing -- I'm old. While there are some great perks to being the oldest grandchild, getting old first is not one of them! But I digress...

I love how Shelby is full on crazy! This girl goes a million miles a minute. She is constantly on the move between sports, choir, friends, dance, chimes, you name it -- this girl does it. And not only is she involved in a ton, but she EXCELS at all of them. Her above average abilities make me choose to sit in a cold hockey rink when it's already below zero outside! Another top of all of this, Shelby is just a fun, free spirit. It takes a lot to knock this girl down. Happy Birthday, Shelbs!

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