Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Thankful November: Day 1

I'm going to try to hop back on the Blog-bandwagon by doing a daily "thankful" post this month. I can already tell it's a bit ambitious, seeing as how the first post is already late! Oh well. Here goes.

Day 1: 11-1-11 (I'm a number geek and this just makes my mind soar! Pretty sure my students were sick of hearing about how cool it was yesterday. They will hate me come 11-11-11!)

I'm thankful for...Becca!

Talk about a great cousin. This girl just blows my mind with her thoughtfulness and selflessness. She's grown up in a family of all boys. And we are talking full-blown, deer-hunting, heart-eating, full-out wrestling boys. But she holds her own. She even does the deer hunting business. When she's not out dueling with the men, she's in the kitchen baking or out shopping with the girls. Talk about well-rounded.

Today is Becca's 15th birthday. And for gifts we like to exchange incredibly ugly Christmas ornaments, and this year I found the perfect one. Check this puppy out. (Our only rule is that it must sparkle and contain feathers!) I can't wait to see her next weekend and for her to add that guy to her collection!

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