Monday, November 14, 2011

Thankful November: Day 12

I'm thankful for ... my dear friend, Nicki!

Check out how awesome we were in high school! 
Reasons why I'm thankful for Nicki:
  1. Our friendship is easy. I can call her at any time and we pick up right were we left off. 
  2. She states her mind. This is one of the things I admire the most about her. She will always tell you how she feels and you never have to wonder if there is more.
  3. She loves and cares for her family. She gave up her career, moved home, and is taking care of her mother and younger brother as her mom battles brain cancer. That's a huge move for a 27 year old. One I truly admire her for taking and not once questioning.
  4. She knows my deep secrets and still loves me.
  5. She is one motivated girl! She runs 10ks like they're nothing, she's doing a 1 year grad program and kicking butt. She sets her mind to something and always sees it through!
  6. We just get each other and there is something extremely comforting in that fact
Nemo, my love, Thank you for finding it in your heart to love me and be my friend in though we hated each other during grade school. Rooming with you our freshman year of high school changed my life. (Room 106: The Room With The Secret Door!) I love you! ~ Jello :-)

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