Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Thankful November: Day 13

I'm thankful for...Megan!

Attending a boarding school for high school and then college have given me the chance to make some of the more priceless friends. Megan is no execption. We first bonded over the Freshman Newcomer's Party and our friendship has only blossomed. (minus my Junior/her Sophomore year, but who's counting!) In my close group of friends, I admire Megan because she is not afraid to do new things. Like play college Softball. {there is something great about going to a college softball game and being like "Yep...she's my friend and she's a rockstar catcher!"} OR Buy a house. Yep, she did that and she's my friend. P.S. She has a great new house!

Thank you for being an amazing friend and for showing me that it's okay to take leaps and try something new! I miss and love you lots!

By the way -- tune in next week for a couple of friends who get to celebrate birthdays and who I'm super thankful for!

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