Friday, June 17, 2011

Two Down...

I can't believe I am done with my second year of teaching! It's amazing how fast time flies. I feel like just yesterday we were gearing up for Christmas vacation and now here I am almost 3 weeks into summer break!

We had a great end to our school year! On the last week of school, we had our End of the Year Fun Night and boy was it packed full of fun. This year we served our guests a Spaghetti Dinner. I was pretty nervous to serve a spaghetti meal because it's not something you can really make too far ahead, and my nerves proved true as we finished serving the 1st course, salad, to find out that our noodles were far from done. The good part was that we have a gas stove at school, so it boils water super duper fast. The other great part was that we were serving some of the sweetest and most understanding people out there! Gotta love parents and grandparents who are just happy to see their children in action, and not too concerned about the food coming their way!

After the Spaghetti meal, the students put on the play "The TRUE Story of the Three Little Pigs." It was cute, but pretty short! I found it's very hard to come up with a suitable play for a K and 1st grader and then 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. This one worked out pretty well though. My little boys made the cutest little pigs! (I had a picture to add, but blogger hates me right now!)

Overall, a fun end to a great year. Three weeks later I can confidently say that I have finished up everything from last year and I am moving into the planning stages for the 2011-2012 school year. It looks like I'll have 2 students. Yep, not a misprint. Two boys, 1st grade and 7th grade, and I'm so excited for all of the fun boys activities I get to plan!!

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