Saturday, August 8, 2009

Movie Review: Julie and Julia


1 - Meryl Streep...perfect person for the role. She did a great job!
2 - LOVE LOVE LOVE Amy Adams.
3 - Julie's husband, Chris Messina, was such a cutie in this film.

This was just a fun movie. I loved the vintage look in the kitchens. I even learned how to poach an egg! For anyone looking for a fun afternoon show...I highly recommend this show.


1 comment:

bethany said...

This movie looks fabulous...I'm pumped to see it! I saw Amy Adams and Meryl Streep interviewed, and it sounded like they took French cooking classes to get up to snuff. From what I've seen, they both look pretty believable!

I'm planning to smuggle in some serious snacks...I can't imagine seeing that movie on an empty stomach! :)

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