Saturday, August 8, 2009

Scariest Experience

I just found this great website: Imagination Prompt Generator. It gives you a prompt to write on. It sounds a little pathetic, as you would think I could find plenty to talk about, but it's 12:25am and I don't function well, but I'm determined to post something! :-) So here goes!

Prompt: What's the scariest experience you've ever had?

This took a little time to think about, but I think without a doubt the scariest moment I can think back to is the summer afternoon about 4 years ago.

It was a normal Sunday afternoon. Kendra had come to visit us at 1st Ave and we had just had a great time hanging out. THEN my phone rang. It was my brother calling from NE and he wanted to find out if there was anything valuable he could get from the Ahrens' house (Ahrens were out of town) because they thought the FIRE would come over by us. I just remember being so confused and then he explained that there was a BIG fire down in the City Park of the town of grew up in and it was headed towards our side of town which meant the Ahrens' house and ultimately my house.

It was the some of the scariest hours of my life. My dad wasn't in town, he was gone at some Neil Young concert AND I was stuck in EC and couldn't do anything to help. I remember Kendra, Steph, and I just sitting on my bed hugging, crying because we didn't know the extent of anything going on in our childhood hometown.

The fire did not come by our homes, but it did destroy quite a few. The park -- gone. Looking back, I am so thankful my dad WASN'T in town or he would have been in the middle of fighting that fire and that scares me more. It was hard to not be there during such devesation, but a blessing to look back and know that at that point I'm not sure I would have been much help.

Pic found here.

What's your scariest experience?

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