Sunday, January 25, 2009

Call Info

Thought I would share some additional information on this call to Middleton.

The call is to teach in their one-room school. There will be 2 children next year. A 5th grade boy and an 8th grade girl. Even though it is a small small school, this is not a one year call. This to me speaks volumes about this congregation. They are committed to this school and what a blessing that they recognize the importance of the "one thing needful." They use the Abeka curriculum....which I am more than okay with because it's what I grew up with and I am more than comfortable with teaching from it...but I also know the downside of the curriculum and am aware of where I need to add or subtract.

Other than that, I don't know what else to share. Still actively praying and processing. All prayers you can send up in my behalf...greatly appreciated.

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project simple life said...


Congrats on the call. I know that God will lead you to make the right decision. I know that it's hard to make such hard choices, but God will be there to guide you!


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