Sunday, January 25, 2009

Unexpected Calls...

Exactly one week ago, I received a very unexpected call. On a Sunday afternoon, as I was crawled up on my bed taking my Sunday nap, the phone rang. I rolled over, managed to open one eye, to see it was a number I didn't know. Since I was sleeping, I silenced it hoping they'd just leave a message, which he did. Because I'm not a fan of suspense, I figured I'd listen to the message, go back to sleep, and just deal with it later. Password entered, option 1 entered for new message....Pastor Bernthal's voice....END pressed. I didn't even finish the message, but I sat up real fast and knew without a doubt, he was calling me about a divine call.

Not sure what kind of emotions were all running through me at that point, but I knew I had to call him back right away...and I also knew I had been sleeping for the last hour and probably sounded like it. So...I did what every normal person would do :-) I talked to myself...okay so it was more like convincing myself to call him back right away and at the same time getting my voice back to normal.

I did it. I called him. And I was right. At their voter's meeting that afternoon, they had been led to extend a call to me to serve as teacher in their grade school.

The rest of the night was filled with calling all of my family....after 23 years in the CLC, you know how fast that information spreads and this was something I wanted them to hear from me, not through the grapevine. It was a night full of emotions, talking to all my family, and trying to really process this news.

And I week later, still processing and most importantly praying.

My dear mom has called me at least once every day to talk about furniture and decor. It was overwhelming at first, now I know it's just her way of showing me how excited she is for me.

But mostly, I just sit here and think about how unexpected this all has been. One week ago, I was talking about where I was going to live next year. Now I am thinking about Middleton and the possibilities there.

Unexpected usually scares me, but right now...I'm enjoying unexpected...

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Anonymous said...

This is so exciting! I hope your decision making goes well!

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