Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankful November: Day 9

I'm thankful for...SNOW!

Whew! That was hard to write. I had a whole blog post done for today, but then it started snowing around these parts. My students were cheering when the rain switched to snow. While I was sitting at my desk trying not to cry. {No joke} Then I remembered this month is about being thankful and I'm throwing this up as a reminder that I should be thankful even for the snow.

SNOW! And my beaut of a car!
Snow really does make recess 10x more enjoyable. The activities we do in the snow are endless. Sledding, snowball fights, snowman contests, running contests, snow angels -- you name it, we do it in snow. But when it snows on November 9th, I can't help but be bit sad. And even though this will melt by Friday, I know this is a just a preview of what is coming! 

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