Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Five: John Wayne

I was perusing Pinterest yesterday and some how decided to search "John Wayne." {Isn't it amazing how you can start at "Thanksgiving" and end at "John Wayne?"} Once my search results displayed a plethura of pictures, I was reminded how much he makes me miss my childhood. "Childhood?!?" you ask. Why yes! I grew up watching (and re-watching) John Wayne. My brother was a big fan of playing "Cowboys and Indians," and I was in the business of making his life happy, so I played and watched. A LOT. {and maybe enjoyed it myself...}

As I was trying to decide what to do my Friday Five on today, it become evident that I should share with you my all-time favorite John Wayne movies! So sit back in your saddle. Grab your gun and hostler. {every watcher knows you have to be ready to help John shoot any bad guys} and ENJOY!

1. McClintok - "This is probably the first marriage I've ever seen start out with a spanking!" Ah yes! Love the style of this movie!

2. Rooster Cogburn - Hello, Katherine Hepburn!

3. The Cowboys - This is one of my all-time favorites, but I hate that he dies!

4. True Grit - While I can't stand Maddie Ross, there are some signature John Wayne fighting quotes in this movie. "Fill your hands...." Plus you get to see his soft side.

5. Big Jake - When your brother's name is "Jake," you are guaranteed to be watching this one all the time. I'm pretty sure after watching this he was convinced he was named after the guy!

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