Thursday, July 21, 2011

Friday Five: Things I Love About My Sister

This coming Saturday will mark the end of my 4th week of being back in Nebraska to visit for the summer. On Monday, I will try to locate all of my belongings and start the trek back to Wisconsin. These last 4 weeks have been spent at home doing a whole slew of things, all of which have been spent with my little sister, Johanna, at my side. So, I figured as a good bye to home, I would give her the spotlight for my Friday Five!

(Update -- just snapped last night post showers because I realized I still needed a picture for this post! Oh boy...)

1. Her Laugh. No joke, this girl has got one crazy laugh. It usually involves her snorting and ending up on the floor, which just makes everything even more hilarious.

2. Her Gentle Spirit. Johanna has always been the sweet girl who will do everything she can to make sure she doesn't hurt someone else. In our house of 5 siblings, she was always the peacemaker and never once took sides.

3. Her Diva-ness. While she is a sweetheart to her core, this girl can rock some serious "Diva-ness," especially if she is lacking in sleep. The good part is that it's turned into the running joke now, and she just laughs it off when we call her on it! Last week I scored a silicone bracelet which reads "DIVA" so, of course, I needed to snatch it up for her, but the best part is that she actually wears it! Love her.

4. Her Nicknames. I love nicknames. However, I only like nicknames that come for the original name. Johanna has so many and I love that she answers to all of them even in public! Things like -- Jo-Jo, Jo-Johanna, Joj, Jo, Hannah-Jo, Jo-Be, and the list just goes on!

5. Her Love of Home. Johanna has always been the one who struggles with being away from home the most. Her first 2 years of attending camp, she bawled every night, even though my mom was a cook, I was a counselor, and 2 other siblings were also campers. She just missed being at home. Now that she attends school in Eau Claire -- 10 hours away, this girl is known for having a ROUGH time transitioning back into being away from home. While a big part of it comes back to missing mom and dad, I think the things she misses the most come back to just being in her home environment. I love that she loves home!

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Kat said...

aww she sounds AWESOME!

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