Friday, February 11, 2011

You Know You're A Teacher When...

My favorite blogger, Katie, from Marriage Confessions does a Blog Reader of the Month. I LOVE when she does them because I always seem to find a new blog to read and love! Last month, she featured Kat from Living like the Kings. And what would you know...a new blog to love! If you haven't checked her out, DO IT! She is funny, witty, and a new mommy to the sweetest little girl! She also has a pretty cute and funny love story on her blog. I know I spent a good 1-2 hours pouring over all of her old blog posts!

This week, Kat did a post on "You Know You're a Mom When..." and asked others to join in. Of course, that's not something I have a lot of information on yet, but I did get a good laugh out of her post and all the others that are playing along! I decided I'd try and join in, but put my spin on it.

So without further adieu:

You Know You're A Teacher When....

1. More than once, you have been called "mom", even though you are not married and certainly don't have children.

2. You get home from school at 6 pm to realize you have had to go to the bathroom since before lunchtime.

3. You have turned into a HUGE germ freak. (I've just recently realized how bad it really has become. I watch them put a finger in their mouth and cringe until I make them go and wash! **it makes me shutter even while typing this!)

4. You see someone holding their pencil or pen incorrectly and you do everything possible to not grab it from them and throw a pencil gripper on it. (My 6th grader is still using a pencil gripper and will until he graduates from 8th grade--it's how I roll)

5. Your favorite form of "punishment" for your Kindergarten and 1st grader is jumping jacks. It's just too cute!!

6. You find yourself spending more $$$$ than you care to share at the Dollar Tree, all because you know it will be great to have at school.

7. You find yourself driving out in a blizzard to get more food for the gerbils. (Which you don't even like, but would feel horrible if they die because they have been out of food for almost a week!!)

8. You love snow days, but you dread what it does to your lesson plans!

9. You buy happy meals just for the toy. (They make great additions to my treasure chest!)

10. You plan a lesson around something the student loves because you know you will get the "Miss Ohlmann, Today was the BEST day ever." response!


Kat said...

You are tooooooo sweet! Thanks for the intro ;) And I love the "you know you're a teacher" post!!!

A Joyful Chaos said...

You sound like a wonderful teacher who loves her job!

Loved this post.

Jill said...

Jenn! I know the feeling about the Dollar Store! I have to rein myself in. :) And it is fun to plan a lesson that you know the students are just going to love.

Oh, and thanks for having my back on the pet thing! Ha, ha.

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