Monday, December 27, 2010

Miss Z

I figured since I'm blogging again, I better update everyone on Miss Z.
Miss Z got a new little tricycle from Grandma and Bumpa. (I love that she calls my dad, Bumpa -- seriously the cutest thing) She loves that thing. We all took turns pushing her around the house, while she rang the little bell! It was the perfect ending to my very LONG, 12 hour drive home that day!
Z ended the Christmas season with 5 new babies! She loves them all but 1, the one that seems the most real! :-) She loves to rock them, feed them, change them. It's all so precious to watch. Her mom and dad are hopeful that this means she will be enjoy being a big sister come June!

This is a picture from a little earlier this fall. My family is in the process of rebuilding our family lumberyard which was destroyed in a fire this summer. (maybe another post will come about that!) My mom has been sending me weekly pictures of the progress. I love what this picture shows because I can just imagine my dad telling Z all she needs to know about the progress going on. I just love this!

1 comment:

{eleise} said...

Cute post Jen!

I didn't know Dani was expecting again! A fellow June baby! =)

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