Sunday, December 26, 2010


Every year I THINK about all of the things that I would like to change in the upcoming year, and yet nothing happens. I've come to the conclusion that one of the main reasons I never follow through is because I never write the resolutions down. Well that is about to change! :-)

1 ~ Become debt free. -- Dave Ramsey and I are becoming BFFs right now. I'm almost done listening to his book, "The Total Money Makeover" and my parents gave me the book for Christmas so now the real and HARD work begins. I'm excited about it because I want that worry and stress out of my life, but I know it will be a lot of hard work which makes me a wee bit nervous. But as Dave says, "To be like no one else, you have to live like no one else."

2 ~ Become healthy (aka lose weight) -- Who doesn't have this for a yearly goal???? Ask my friend Nicki, this is my mental goal nearly every year and yet nothing has changed, but this is the year! She has done it and looks amazing! It will be just as hard as becoming debt free, but I'm just as excited about it. I'm not sure how I plan to share it all yet, but I need to do it!

3 ~ Blog -- The previous two goals will not be easy and certainly not on my own. So I've decided to break down some walls and put this part of my life out there for all to see. This probably is the scariest part for me! I'm not really much of a sharer, but I think for these things to really happen I need to be held accountable.

So, there you have them blog world!

January 1, 2011 -- HERE I COME!


Nicki said...

!!!! 1) I love that you are blogging again! 2) I also am working on the living like no other so I can live like no get what I mean. 3) You can totally be healthy and lose the weight. Not gonna lie its not easy and I have gained since I found out about my mom. I need to get back on the band wagon. I am so excited to be some support for you...if you will have me! 4) Well, I guess I am just excited. 5) P.S. I saw you are presenting at the Women's Retreat. I read the theme about faith and wow was that what I really needed at this moment in time. The Lord definitely knows what he is doing. Anyway...this became a very long "comment". I love you and miss you and we need to get together soon. So include that in your budge!!!! Lobe you!

bethany said...

Yay! Welcome back :)

I, too, often fall through on my resolutions. But I feel like this year I'm finally ready to commit and follow through. 2011 is going to be our year, Jenn!

1. Oh my. You're so much braver than me, but I know I need to do the same. Rather than living under a rock, I should face the fact that I'm not always financially wise. Share your tips with us! :)

2. Me too. I'm with you here. Nicki does look SO great. I need to draw on her fantastic look, and let it inspire me to get into the gym. I'd love to take care of this in 2011, so my 2012 resolution list will be weight-loss free! :)

3. Yay! Blast down those walls, Jenn. It's pretty theraputic to write about it where others can see. Scary sometimes, but amazing when your wall-busting is blessed with support from people you didn't know, or hadn't kept in touch with previously.

Sending you lots of happy well-wishes on your start to 2011! :)

Amanda said...

I am in complete agreement with what these beauties ahead of me said.

It's so rewarding to feel good and accomplished in all these aspects of your life. I wish you the best and I hope that you tell us about the ride :)

Kat said...

that's a good list! :) Keep us posted

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