Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Recap

(Isn't this the cutest little bird feeder???)

Since being a teacher does mean I have all summer off, I am enjoying being able to just take off during the week and go and hang out with family. That's exactly what I did this week.

On Wednesday afternoon, after a full day of working at school, I met my Aunt Candy over at the Scholastic book fair. (Yes, I went twice...books are a great thing!) After a little browsing over there we headed over to her house in Markesan. Candy has been traveling away from home ALL summer...she literally goes home for a day and then packs up for the next trip. SO...we got the laundry caught up and just hung out around the house.

Thursday morning, we packed up and headed over to meet the Naumann's at a cottage they had rented on Lake Ellen near Cascade, WI. (I couldn't ever get back there again without the help of our "lady" (GPS)...what did we do before Mapquest and GPS???)It was the cutest little cottage. Quaint, quiet, calm. The perfect setting for a much needed getaway.

That night the boys were all away, so it was a nice girl's only evening. (Candy, Desi, Becca, and I) We made a wonderful supper of pork chops. Most likely the best pork chops I've had in quite some time. We even figured out how to start the charcoal grill on our own. We had wine and of course chocolate...a staple for any event with my Aunt Desi!

Then the fun really began...we decided to try and take the pontoon for a spin! OH MY! I haven't laughed that hard in quite some time. We did manage to unhook it from the dock and it was running, but we didn't go far. In fact, we called it a boat float instead of a boat ride. We ditched the idea and decided we would wait for the boys to come back the next day for our boat ride! I'm sure the neighbors were all entertained! Sadly...I was laughing too hard to get any pictures of this wonderful experience! Just use your imagination!

We finished the night off with some rousing games of Shoot the Moon and Phase 10.

Friday morning, we slept in and lazed around for a bit before getting ready and heading into town to see the cute little shops. We found just a darling little cafe with sandwichs and salads to die for. It was just the cutest little place. The next place was packed full of things. I did find quite possibly the creepiest Santa Clause figure I have ever seen. (Sadly the pic is on my phone!) The best buy was my new Rain Stick. I'm so excited to have one for my classroom!

When we returned from our excursion in town, the boys were back. Desi and I went for an afternoon kayak ride around the lake. (Something we could easily handle!) Ben even got Candy to go out on the paddle boat. There was much fishing off the dock taking place. Sam even caught a pretty nice Northern. But this little guy was my favorite....sadly though he swallowed the hook and when they released him, he simply floated to the bottom! Poor guy!

After supper, we did get to go on a nice pontoon ride. We even stopped for awhile and fished. The boys were pulling in quite a few fish. We played more card games and then finished up the night watching "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York." What a hoot!

Saturday morning we got up and Candy and I headed down to Milwaukee for a quick run to Northwestern Publishing House. As soon as we got back to Markesan, I took off for home. Boy...was I tired last night. But I had a great time!

(Ben eating his cereal...I thought it was quite creative!)

Today I made a nice lunch and then headed over to school to try and get a whole list of things accomplished. The list is still quite long, but I'm going to call it a night!

Hope everyone had a blessed weekend!

Here is the shutterfly link to the rest of the pictures from the weekend!

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Stephanie said...

Sounds like quite the weekend!! I wish I could have been there even though I am not even a part of your family. :) Hey, are you an aunt yet???

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