Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Growing Old

Today I had the priviledge of going to a nearby nursing home to help run the "Barnyard Olympics" for the residents. Oh yes, this was as exciting as it sounds! They threw cow chips, played horseshoes, shucked corn...they only thing missing was a good old fashioned hoe-down!

What I realized today is that I don't EVER want to become old. It breaks my heart to look at this people. The one guy, Jack, used to be a dentist!! A DENTIST. Now he just sits there and has to be woken up when it's his turn. Or Trudy, she was eating a banana when she first got in the room. She was finished so Pastor B took the peel from her and threw it away. 20 mins later, her hands were in the same position (as if she were still holding the banana) and she asked the Director to take the peel from her hands! It took the Director 5 mins to convince her that her hands were already empty.

It really scared me. My best friend, Steph, has always said she never wanted to get old. I always just kind of laughed at her because it never seemed that bad to me. UNTIL today...WOW! I really pray that Judgement Day comes before I'm old or that the Lord takes me home. Death doesn't scare me, being old does. Is that weird???

Steph, if you're reading this, I am sorry for ever laughing about such a thing!

(On a slighty happy note, one of the ladies, Donna, was an absolute SWEETHEART!! She was dressed so beautifully and she must have thanked me about 20 times for coming. I did get a good laugh from Vivian. She did one mean victory dance after scoring 6 goals in Piggy Hockey!)

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