Monday, June 27, 2011

Emmy Lou

June 23 was my 26th Birthday. I'm not a big birthday person. To me it's really just another day, but this year was much more special! Not only did I get to spent it with over 100 campers (who made sure to wish me Happy Birthday every chance they had), not only did I get to spent it with 2 guy counselors who share the same birthday as me (Nathan and Sam), but my new niece was born on my birthday! How cool is that??? And the best part, she is also my god-daughter.

Miss Emmy Lou was born on June 23 and came in around 9 lbs 5 oz. And let me just tell you that she is a doll!
(sorry this is camera hates me today, so you get my mom's version)
Yesterday, she was baptized into God's gracious Kingdom with her uncle Josh and myself serving as Sponsors. What a blessing!!
I'm going to be home visiting for the next 3 weeks, so I'm hoping to get a lot of baby Emmy and big sister Zoey time!


rachel sydow said...

So cute! You lucky aunty!

Nicki said...

Soo precious!

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