Thursday, August 14, 2008

Crazy Night Life

Oh how I love my new night life! I'm not exactly sure how I will be able to cope once the Olympics are over, because as of right now, they are my life! I wake up and turn on whatever crazy sport is showing at 8:00am. So far my favorite to watch has been Women's Water Polo with Table Tennis a close second. I watch the Olympics as I workout. So far the many sport that is on during that time is basketball. But I did catch a little Grecco-Roman Wrestling yesterday too! I watch them as I get ready for work. Sadly, I take about a 9 hour break as I head into work for the day....but I love when 9:00pm rolls around because I know that in a mere 30 mins I will be back home, crawled up on my bed, watching amazing things such as Gymnastics and the greatest happenings in the Water Cube! Ahhh...the great life! Are the Olympics changing your life?

I will miss the Olympics when they are over, but I will also enjoy having my sleep back!

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