Saturday, February 23, 2008

100 things to do before I die

  1. Swim with a dolphin
  2. Watch a live Figure Skating competition (famous skaters)
  3. Be a member of the audience in a TV show
  4. Send a message in a bottle
  5. Plant a tree
  6. Write a fan letter to Mr. Dreamy
  7. Learn to ballroom dance
  8. Fall deeply in love – helplessly and unconditionally with my Lord
  9. Shower in a waterfall
  10. Learn to play the violin
  11. Get passionate about a cause and spent time helping it, instead of just thinking about it
  12. Go on Mission Helper Trip
  13. Ask someone you’ve just met on a date.
  14. Sleep under the stars
  15. Spend a whole day reading, while snuggled up in a warm blanket.
  16. Overcome my fear of failure
  17. Grow and tend a garden
  18. Drive a convertible with the top down and music blaring.
  19. Run a 5k.
  20. Run a half-marathon
  21. Fall in Love
  22. Watch all of the Oscar winning movies
  23. Have an earth-shattering, foot popping kiss
  24. Play in the rain
  25. Visit the 9-11 site
  26. Wear a rain coat and galoshes in the rain.
  27. Blindly pick a place on a map and plan visit
  28. Go to the Creation Museum
  29. Be outside for a whole day
  30. Host a wine tasting party
  31. Write a letter about myself NOW for my future grandchildren
  32. Learn to change a tire
  33. Greet a new neighbor with baked goods
  34. Ride a bicycle built for two
  35. Drink wine while taking a hot bubble bath and rockin’ out to the song from “Pretty Woman.”
  36. Fall in love with Walt Whitman poetry
  37. Wear a flower in my hair all day
  38. Stay up all night talking to someone
  39. Get a master’s degree
  40. Ride in a horse-drawn carriage
  41. Ride a mechanical bull
  42. See the Pearl Harbor memorial
  43. Learn how to drive stick shift
  44. Bury a time capsule
  45. Dance in a gazebo while listening to “The Sound of Music”
  46. Learn to say “No” without guilt
  47. Give birth naturally
  48. Stop worrying about things that have already happened and that I can’t change.
  49. Inspire a child
  50. Go on cruise
  51. Have a movie marathon
  52. Make breakfast in bed for someone I love
  53. Be an organ donor (4/24/08)
  54. Eat spaghetti like the Lady and the Tramp
  55. Be free from debt
  56. Visit all 50 states
  57. Nap in the grass
  58. Go to Australia
  59. Stay at a cottage by the sea
  60. Have a family
  61. Smoke a real Cuban cigar (6/27/08)
  62. Donate blood
  63. See a show on Broadway
  64. Adopt a child
  65. Eat a meal good enough to be my last
  66. Become physically Fit
  67. Exercise daily
  68. Eat Healthy
  69. Learn the entire dance from evolution of dance
  70. Make someone cry of happiness
  71. Buy my own car (6/27/08)
  72. Buy a house
  73. Write my mission statement
  74. Hit a home run
  75. Take a road trip with friends
  76. Do 100 push ups in a row
  77. Do at least one pull up
  78. Learn the Alphabet backwards
  79. Ride in a helicopter
  80. Learn how to ice skate without falling on my butt
  81. Write a love letter
  82. Live without tv for a month
  83. Become a lifeguard
  84. Read the entire Bible
  85. Send flowers to a friend (8/5/08)
  86. Tell my parents how much I love them and what they mean to me
  87. Spend a day with my sisters
  88. Write a children’s book
  89. See the giant Christmas tree in Times Square
  90. See “Ellen” LIVE
  91. Visit the Smithsonian
  92. Be a mom.
  93. Be a wife.
  94. Take culinary classes
  95. Stay best friends with Steph and Nicki
  96. Be serenaded on a gondola
  97. Write a song about someone I love
  98. Yell "Bingo" at a Bingo hall
  99. Take a child on a toy shopping spree
  100. Host a cooking show

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